Concordancia Calderoniana / Konkordanz zu Calderon. Teil III: Dramas. Hrsg. von Guido Mensching, Jürgen Rolshoven und Manfred Tietz.

Georg Olms Verlag - Weidmannsche Verlagsbuchhandlung. Hildesheim ; Zurich ; New York, 2014.


ISBN 978-3-487-14680-5

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Parts I and II of the complete concordance to Calderon's works, covering the Autos Sacramentales and the Teatro comico breve have already been published. Now parts III and IV have been

added, with concordances to the Dramas and Comedias. The concordances are based on the edition of Calderon's Obras cornpletas by Angel Valbuena Prat and Angel Valbuena Briones, published by

Aguilar. Parts III and IV contain the complete vocabulary of the Dramas and Comedias in alphabetical order, in a keyword in context format. The concordance's source field includes a reference to the work in question and the character speaking, a page and line number so that the passage can be easily identified. In accordance with the consensus of the academic community, parts III and IV

of the Calderon concordance being published in hard copy. The most frequent words have not been included in the printed version. Subscribers to the concordance will however be referred to an

electronic version with a fully comprehensive listing. With the publication of parts III and IV of the Concordancia Calderoniana, the complete linguistic corpus of a Spanish Golden Age dramatist is for the first time available in a comprehensive concordance, easy to consult and up to date with the latest academic standards. Scholars can therefore draw on Calderon's plays as the reference work for the

extraordinarily rich theatrical literature of the Siglo de Oro which they undoubtedly represent.


Teil III: Drarnas

Band 7: A-B.

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Band 8: C-D.

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Band 9: E-G.

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Band 10: H-L.

ISBN 978-3-487-14684-3

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